Brewers Association Builds Support for State Guilds at GABF

The Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion returns to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) with a goal to build awareness for the state brewers guilds while also growing the grassroots network of brewery supporters by signing up beer activists to the Support Your Local Brewery network

The featured guilds are serving up beer samples from their state’s breweries at the 2013 GABF. These offerings are not available anywhere else in the festival hall.

Guilds Participating in the 2013 Support Your Local Brewery Pavilion 

  • Michigan Brewers Guild
  • Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild
  • North Carolina Brewers Guild
  • California Craft Brewers Association (supported by CA regionals)
  • New Mexico Brewers Guild
  • Washington Beer Commission
  • Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  • New York State Brewers Association
  • Texas Craft Brewers Guild
  • Colorado Brewers Guild
  • Oregon Brewers Guild
  • Florida Brewers Guild
  • Rhode Island Brewers Guild 
  • Idaho Brewers United 

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